China Dating Is Not A Simple Thing

China Dating Is Not A Simple Thing

If there is no photo in Google search results, but the girl has only one album with all photos uploaded at once, it is 90% fake. If there is only one photo on the page (and it is not a celebrity for sure), but there is an odd address of the type in the field of her relationships or interests, it is 90% fake as well. Look at her wall and at the list of her friends, read comments to her pictures. Be on guard if those were men who left them and if there are almost no girls among her friends. Any normal girl has a balance of male and female friends observed at least approximately. In addition, the section of interests should be filled in at least a little bit. Anyway, even if she turns out to be a real person, you’re unlikely to be able to find any topic to talk to her on.

Do it with numerous tries

I would recommend to start your China dating having carefully reviewed all the information on the girl’s page and to be at least original. For a girl not to be forced to answer your questions saying that there are answers to your questions in her profile. That may be a question about books she reads or a question about her having any hobby, etc.  dating

Of course, it is important to choose girls you write. However, no matter for how similar your interests at the first sight are (Do not write them anything like “Hello, I also like works of Joyce and Sasha Grey!”), half of the respondents will not respond to you and will not add you to their lists of friends. This is a harsh reality. It is not necessary to be persistent. Just expand your search range or try some other options. Expand the circle of your interests, try to cling to any match you find! China dating does not seem simple. Sometimes you may add a totally inappropriate at the first sight leggy damsel to your friends list and later you will both enjoy her long legs.  Add, add and add and be sure to answer all women who replied to you in return! Women tend to respond to your requests guided by a rather strange logic.

Sooner or later a happy end will take place. Do not waste your precious time for those who are not worth it!

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