Best Dating app for 2017: Spritzr the Matchmaking App

Best Dating app for 2017: Spritzr the Matchmaking App

If you could design a dating app, what would you put in it? Would the dating app have information about the person or just pictures? Would you be able to set people up? Or would you base the app on location and likes and dislikes? The bases of a good dating app should incorporate all of these features. You should be able to pick a potential dater by looks, description, like and dislike and if you think this person is a good match for someone else you should be able to play matchmaker.

Would you keep the computer-generated lists that get spammed to you every day? What would the 1 hour profile creation process, would you keep that? Of course not. You wouldn’t have any of that junk in a dating app, you would want real people reviewing your matches. But with many dating apps today this is happening. You would want them to compare their interests to yours and factor in the personalities of both people. Unfortunately, that sounds more like a professional match maker, not a dating app.Image result for Best Dating app for 2017: Spritzr the Matchmaking App

The Future Of Dating Is Here

Spritzr the matchmaking app took out all of the things you hate from a dating app or dating website and replaced it with everything you are looking for in a dating app. It takes your own social network of friends and creates a dating profile and pool for you to swim in. Your friends, whether they are single or not, can help suggest matches for you based on peoples looks, descriptions like and dislikes. It turns the people who know you best, your friends, into your personal match makers.

Spritzr is looking at the dating world in a new light. Who dosent like to play matchmaker. Spritzr has incorporated an aspect that is unlike any other app before its times. Couples can now great profiles and play matchmaker with their Facebook friends. Couples can make recommendations on potential matches and set their friends ups. Spritzr will reward these couples with in app bonuses. For every match couples get a $10 bonus.

Match Maker Match Maker Make Me An App

It used to be a joke told around the bar with all of your friends, “you found each other online?!”. The Spritzr matchmaking app is the best dating app in recent years and is changing the game. The reason being, it has tapped into the most powerful resource in the world, your friends. The best part is, it’s non-intrusive. You don’t have to worry about your friends breathing down your neck, hounding you about whether you called so-and-so yet. They simply send you a suggestion through the match maker app and that’s it. It couldn’t be any easier. If you’re looking for a new way to shake things up, give Spritzr a try today. You’ll be surprised just how much your friends are willing to help.

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