A Romantic Dinner Date for Utah Singles

A Romantic Dinner Date for Utah Singles

For Texas singles, as with most singles, the right kind of meal seems to impel and persuade the best of romance. So for utah singles who feel they have found a special someone whom they would like to impress, why not try a romantic dinner that emphasizes Texas ingredients? The dinner that may approach perfection for utah singles is the dinner that you can actually make yourself.

Dinner for Utah Singles

If you appreciate the trends of fine dining, you might have noticed that it is chic among chefs to use local, everyday ingredients and create ambrosial–even luxurious–menus. You can do the same in your own purlieu. Whether you live in New York, Idaho or Louisiana, you can find the most prevalent or popular agricultural products of your region and plan a menu that marries with your environment. utah singles can especially take advantage of a wide variety of Texas agricultural products since according to lone-star.net1, Texas produces more agricultural products than any state in the U.S. besides California and Iowa. Also, the lone-star.net website also asserts that “Cotton is the leading crop [of Texas] and the state’s second-most-valuable farm product. Texas also leads in national production of grain sorghum, watermelons, cabbages, and spinach. Wheat, corn, and other grains are also important.” So, if utah singles want to invest in fine dining they can make their own romantic dinners with a fairly broad array of products.

Romantic Dinner for Utah Singles: The Appetizers

Keep in mind that a romantic dinner made by utah singles and which also manages to emphasize Texas ingredients doesn’t necessarily have to be typical utah singles fare. In fact, some of the dishes may originate from Eastern hemispheres or may employ spices that the typical Texas single may not be familiar with. For instance, the love stricken Texas single could start with an appetizer of “Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Yogurt Dill Sauce”2 a recipe located on the tabasco.com website. The tabasco.com website combines traditional flavor enhancers such as onions, garlic and olive oil with a traditional Texas ingredient: cabbage. Until now, you may have assumed that cabbage was boring but wait until you take a nibble at these little rolls! Keep in mind that the lamb can be replaced with a variety of meats (including Texas’s popular beef) or portabello mushrooms as a meat substitute. No matter what you decide to nibble on, make sure to leave room for more. These tasty cabbage rolls are just the beginning of the date dinner designed especially for Texas singles.

Romantic Date Dinner for Utah Singles: The Drinks

When it comes to Texas and the south in general, it’s hard to beat iced tea. So, if your drink selection is crispy, foggy iced tea, why settle for the grocery store’s bottled iced tea when you can have iced tea made to your own specifications? The pinoyfoodtalk.com website3 offers directions for your own personal tea Nirvana: The site recommends choosing your favorite tea flavor(s), boiling water, pouring some of the boiling water into a cup and then placing two tea bags inside. Afterwards, the site recommends adding warm and cold water plus ice for some fabulous iced tea beverages. Sit back and enjoy these luscious drinks before, during and after a romantic utah singles dinner.

Romantic Date Dinner for Utah Singles: The Entrees

Don’t let your head start to spin when you decide to be brave and make an entree for your romantic Utah singles dinner. A beef entree (beef being a popular Texas ingredient) can actually be easier to make than you might think. One recipe4 (it sounds absolutely succulent) is easy to make and comes from the allrecipes.com website. The “Fabulous Beef Tenderloin” is basted with no more than melted butter and soy sauce, but according to the recipe submitter, it “will melt in your mouth.” Another beef entree from the same website was submitted by an individual who claims this recipe won’t allow her to become a vegetarian! The “Filet Mignon with Mushroom-Wine Sauce”5 may be more time intensive than the “Fabulous Beef Tenderloin” but it’s ambrosial qualities might convince your Texas singles’ palates that the extra time is worth it.

Romantic Date Dinner for Utah Singles: The Side Dish

For a flavorful side dish, why not use another Texas ingredient? Spinach! Though spinach might cause you to cringe when you see it in the grocery store, this hearty leaf can actually help create some fantastic side dishes. Try spinach cakes6 for instance. A great side dish for those who crave flavor and a bit more heartiness than asparagus or plain veggies can provide, this dish also comes from chef Emeril Lagasse which basically assures the sophisticated palate a very rich experience! The little cakes can also be shaped into hearts which may or may not be the corny but ever-so-fun touch for your romantic dinner.

Romantic Date Dinner for Utah Singles: The Dessert

For dessert, a Texas watermelon sorbet7 sounds luscious, especially since watermelons happen to be one of the agricultural products of the lone star state. However, a fruity watermelon dessert doesn’t quite seem to fit with the heartier beef entrees and spinach cakes that form the substance of the Utah singles romantic dinner, so I returned to another tempting dessert. The “Thyme Honey Ice Cream”8 sounds like the happy hunting ground for  and with a name like Thyme Honey, who would refuse a taste? Best of all, it seems that this recipe is at least partially Texas home grown since the website where the recipe is located (edibleAustin(TM)) has the following subtitle or theme: Celebrating local, fresh foods in Austin and the Texas hill country, season by season.”

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