A few tricks to get better in bed

When you see male porn stars doing their thing, you sometimes wonder how they manage to be so good at it. Did they get hired because they were good, or did they just become good overtime through doing all those movies? The answer probably lies somewhere in the middle, and there is no doubt that size matters in that particular business. Unfortunately we’re not all porn stars with 1000+ women on the counter, and our girth might not be as jaw dropping as guys like Rocco Siffredi. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t be good in bed, and there are in fact a lot of things that the ordinary man can do to make it better for the ladies to enjoy.

Trick#1 – Accept your body. No matter how unconfident you feel about your body, the matter is as follows: you’re stuck with it so own up to it. If you got a gut and belly then just wear them with pride; you don’t need to be a six-pack freak for women to enjoy watching you. So practice walking naked in front of the mirror and don’t hide anything. Ladies love the dad body these days, and you should deprive them of being able to look at your backside either.

Trick#2 – Read about sex. Most men are creatures of pride, so the idea that sex advice could come from somewhere else than their head doesn’t always compute so well. Let’s be real here: you can’t come up with everything, and porn only gives you so much material to get on with. Read about positons and techniques. Get curious about anatomy and how the sexual organs work…. There is a lot your knowledge can bring to the table. People always do the same positions (missionary / on top / doggy style) but there are a whole bunch of really fun ones to do. If you suggest a lady a position she’s never heard of, the chances are she’ll be over the moon and will want to try it! In fact, we recommend that you have as much sex with no strings as you can, after all practice makes perfect!

Trick#3 – Do some sports. Okay this is not us trying to be judgemental but here’s the thing: sex can be very physical and tiresome. Between your heart going full blast and all the moving around, it is actually very easy for the effort to overshadow the pleasure. We’re just trying to be honest, we’ve been there many times. Again, accept your body, loosening up and being a bit fitter helps; but no need to go full muscle neither.

Trick#4–Listen and observe. No two women are alike, what pleases one might not work so well on others. Even with all the technique in the world, the best thing you can do is to pay attention. Does she look like she is enjoying it, does she look even comfortable? It’s okay not to get it right every single time, but just listening and using feedback to improve your actions might just be the best technique you can master.

Trick#5 – Don’t be too hard on yourself. We all do well at times, and sometimes we mess it up too. You can end up coming too early or not at all at times; we all got stuff in our heads and our bodies often play tricks on us. If you’re not in great shape don’t hesitate to say it. You and you partner will still have a good time rolling around the bed naked; but maybe no orgasms this time. Don’t let that stick to your head; you’ll be fine next time. Just work through your errors, learn as you go along and you will get better, none of this stuff happens by magic but it’s not rocket science neither!

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