A Battle between Tinder and Fling

A Battle between Tinder and Fling

In order to drag a comparison between the two web site tinder and fling, one first needs to find out what these two apps are all about and only then one would get a result for which is better- tinder or fling? Here is a brief introduction of what these sites are all about.

Tinder- tinder is more of a social networking web site that allows interested people to get to know each other. After signing up and signing in, one need to create a profile and one also needs to fill up the form where the preferred match criteria are given. Depending upon these criterions the app then finds out the people of the required gender who matches those criterions and then links the two together.


If found appealing the two users can take this link forward or drop it then and there as felt like. Tinder is known as a dating site because users who registers in tinder registers with the motto of finding a date rather than a friend. Users can take it for granted that any profile they see on tinder is looking for a date or a relationship and hence the proceedings become easy and effortless.

Fling- fling is an android app that does the same work of connecting people with each other. The process of signing up and creating a profile is simple as one does not have to fill up the criteria form in order to get a perfect match. Here a person can simply register and put up a profile picture and look for people around. Fling is perfect for those who are looking for instant hook ups and sex with the local girls who seems interested and appealing. Fling is an easy way to find local people who are interested in hook ups and dates on an instant basis with no strings at all.

So which is better- tinder or fling? Well, the answer depends on the desire of a user. If a person wants to meet new people and socialize and be on a slow and steady process then tinder seems to be a better app. And if one wants to sleep with locals and have daily hook ups with new people then fling is no doubt a better app to register in to. Hence, one needs to clarify within the mind actually what one needs. Depending upon this clarification one can register in to any of the two or both and get going with the demands and desires and meet people around.

In the battle of which is better- tinder or fling? Fling would no doubt win the battle as the number of users in it are far more than that of tinder as this allows people to get laid very fast without any formalities and effort. Both the apps have genuine profiles and integral people. Some fake profiles might exist and one needs to be careful about choosing the best suited out of the lot without compromising with any fraud.

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