7 Great First Date Tips

7 Great First Date Tips

Awkward, boring, uneventful and unexciting are just the perfect words to describe first dates for many people. Andmany people are usually afraid to meet other potential partners due to their previous dreadful first date experiences. However, if done properly, a first date is meant to be the golden moment to start a potentially fruitful and long-lasting relationship. To deal with the challenges associated with first dates, people should learn the best ideas to make the most of meeting their dates.

Below are 7first date tips everyone should follow:

  • Define your dating goal

What do you intend to achieve from this first date? Are you just looking for someone to have fun with? Do you want a committed relationship? Answers to these questions will give you an insight to your dating goal. With a defined dating goal, you will be prepared to meet your date and there will be consistency in your discussion.

  • Be appropriately groomed

In most cases, you will be addressed the way you are groomed. Dress for the occasion, but don’t overdress. Semiformal or casual dressings are usually the best for first dates except when you are meeting in a fancy restaurant or at a special event. Your hygiene, appearance and clothing matter on your first date.

  • Avoid going to the movies

This might sound a bit strange to some people, but there is a reason behind this. Your first should serve as a perfect occasion to share happy moments and know more about your date; however, talking in a cinema oreven a theatre is a bad idea as you are likely going to disturb others seated around you. Instead of going to the movies, have a date in a park, bar, coffee shop, restaurant or other lovely place where you can talk freely.

  • Be timely

First impression counts. Do not keep your partner waiting as this will create a bad impression and hamper the possibility of developing your relationship with the other party. If you would be coming late for any substantial reason, inform your date ahead of time.

  • Mind your manners

You must be mindful of your manners as this could send wrong signals to your date. Basically, don’t get drunk or drugged on your first date, respect your date, don’t use phones while talking with your date, observe basic etiquettesand don’t be arrogant.

  • Make your conversation lively

While it is not advisable to have a pre-written list of things to discuss, you should have a clear idea of some of the things you would like to talk about on your first date as this is one of the best ways to keep your conversation going and lively for sometimes. Ask questions about family, hobbies, work and so on. Don’t let the discussion be all about you, let your date contribute.

  • Be mindful of your time

For the fondest memory of your first date, ensure your first date is neither too long nor too short. Being too long can make you run out of ideas of things to discuss while being too short can beseen as a lack of confidence or commitment. A first date should last between 30 minutes to 1 hour; however, there may be exceptional cases.

With these first date tips, you can now go out and have fun as you try to build a good relationship with your date.

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