5 Real Security Measures to Take while Dating Virtually

5 Real Security Measures to Take while Dating Virtually

With Saint Valentine approaching towards you with that burrowed cupid arrow, you need to have a date to enjoy this month of love. Having coffee with a new date or landing up to awkward giggles with a blind date over a cup of mushy pie is too much out dated. In this web paralyzed world, wink virtually and attract an online date with your charisma. Online dates though quite popular now-a-days, also bear a darker fake side. Every day you flip news papers, you can spot some online dating scams like murder, picture super imposition, leakage of private tapes and many more. So, you need to be quite cautious before stepping into this love stuffed glamorous world of online dating.

Erase all your contact information

Never ever share your personal contact details unless and until you are quite sure about your date. May be you are a cyber savvy but that does not necessarily means you are cyber secure. Even if you have omitted your phone number and address from that online dating site, check whether it is still available in other social profiles of yours.

Virtual Dating

Profile picture scanning

Many online daters veil their actual self under the picture of some stunning models or other people. If you are quite suspicious, search for the presence of that particular photo elsewhere in the web world. Many of them may be core criminals, so search for their picture and information in Rockford Mugshots (a site which displays picture of people whose names are under police records).

Play detective

Online dating is dating under the wraps of misty cloud actually. So, ask some personalized question about likes and dislikes and repeat the same question after few days in order to check the authenticity and consistency of that other opposite to your laptop screen.

Keep things private

Keeping things private is a good precautionary measure to take as, it is always better to leave something for imagination. Don’t get open up too much and don’t share the details of your social media profiles. And stop posting your latest location on Instagram and Facebook as one can easily track you by that.

Plan first date wisely

Do not get dazzled by those sharp appearances and don’t get carried away. Plan your first face to face outing in a public place and inform any of your close friends about that dating plan so that in case of any fishy situation you friend can come to your help.

At the end, just be faithful and wise to your intuitions and then roll on your sleeves to spurge into the mesmerizing, love filled world of online dating.

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