5 Common Mistakes Couples Make In The Early Stages Of The Relationship

5 Common Mistakes Couples Make In The Early Stages Of The Relationship

No matter how hard most of us try to hide that fact, people are simply flawed creatures. Of course, that’s nothing to be ashamed of because nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes, especially when it comes to relationships with other human beings. In most cases, people do it in the early stages of a romantic relationship, while they’re getting used to their new partner. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, gay, or a member of a disabled dating niche, sooner or later you’re bound to start a relationship with someone completely new. Therefore, if you want to start that new romance properly, make sure to check out these five common mistakes couples make in the early stages of the relationship and learn from them.

Being Clingy

Most men and women don’t want to have their hearts broken, so they tend to be rather insecure at the beginning of a relationship. This perfectly normal and understandable. However, they often display that insecurity by being very clingy and jealous, which can cause a lot of damage to the new romance. So, if you want to avoid another heartbreak and disappointment, you definitely need to find a way to be less emotionally dependent during the first couple of months of your relationship.  

Mentioning The Ex-Partner Too Often

Discussion about former companions is very common among new couples, and you should not shy away from it. Just because you’re with someone new, it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to talk about your past or your past partners. Everyone has a history and talking about your ex-partner is a sign of maturity. However, talking about your ex-lover too often might cause your partner to think that you’re not quite over your former companion. This doubt might be very dangerous, and it can potentially ruin your relationship.


A lot of people tend to overshare at the start of a relationship which can be a little bit too much for their partners. Don’t get us wrong, being straightforward and open is a good thing, but sharing your darkest and most intimate secrets with your new partner can lead to an early break-up. The start of the relationship should be fun and easy. It’s called a honeymoon phase for a reason.

Being Unavailable

Like we already said, being clingy is absolutely wrong, but being too unavailable can also damage the relationship. Most people, in order to seem emotionally independent, tend to play hard to get. If you want to create a unique bond with your new partner, you should definitely avoid this strategy. It will only make you look like you’re not interested in being with them.

Fantasizing About Marriage And Kids

Every relationship out there starts with some kind of prospect or hope, but talking about the future of the relationship is something you should avoid at all costs. Some people enjoy fantasizing about getting married and having kids with their new partner. However romantic this may sound, it can scare away your companion. Therefore, don’t talk about this stuff, at least not until you’re sure that your partner is also considering them.

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