3 Tips for a Fantastic First Date

3 Tips for a Fantastic First Date


Whether you’ve recently entered the dating game or have years of experience under your belt, first dates can trigger a significant amount of stress. The strong desire to impress a prospective romantic partner can overwhelm even the most experienced dater, ultimately causing him or her to blow their long-awaited date. Fortunately, first dates don’t have to be such relentlessly stressful experiences. If you’re eager to connect with that special someone while keeping anxiety to a minimum, the following pointers are sure to help.

  1. Avoid Over-Sharing

It’s important to avoid coming on too strong and sharing too much about yourself on a first date. While it’s true that your date may have the potential to become a long-term partner, sharing intimate details about your life on your very first date is more likely to drive someone away than make them feel closer to you. Deep connections often take a long time to form, and attempting to rush this process isn’t going to do you any favors. For best results, stick to the basics – i.e., hobbies, friends, what you do for a living – and show genuine interest in your date’s contributions to the conversation.

  1. Dress for the Occasion

Dressing nicely is a sign of respect to both yourself and your date. Of course, the location of the date should play a key role in determining how formal you go. For example, if you’re dining at an upscale restaurant, you should be thinking along the lines of collared shirts, slacks and formal dresses. Alternatively, if you’re visiting a more casual establishment, jeans, T-shirts, bohemian dresses and other everyday attire is generally acceptable. Women in the market for fantastic first date fashions are urged to consult popular fashion websites.

  1. Keep Phone Usage to an Absolute Minimum

All of us are guilty of staring at our phones at inappropriate times. In some cases, this is the result of outright boredom. Other times, we’re either expecting or engaged in important correspondence. Whatever the reason, looking at your phone when your attention is supposed to be focused on someone else is a sign of disrespect. As such, your phone should be turned off or set to airplane mode when you’re out on a first date. Even if you’re not particularly interested in the other party, spending large chunks of the date looking at your phone is just plain rude. Conversely, if you are interested, your date is liable to get the opposite impression if he or she sees you continuously pull out your phone. If there are special circumstances that might require your phone to be on – like a sick relative or workplace emergency – make sure to inform your date of this ahead of time.

Although certain people make it look easy, dating is often complex, stressful and endlessly confusing. While there’s no surefire way to take the complexity out of dating, there are several effective ways to simplify first dates. The next time you decide to hit the town with a prospective partner, remember to avoid over-sharing, dress for the occasion and turn off for your phone for the duration of the date.

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